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There are a few factors contributing to the rise of Wider plank flooring being used in residential and commercial applications today.

We have summarised these below to aid your decision on what you choose for your new flooring.

  • NZ Native Timber Flooring: Many of New Zealands older residences and buildings have Solid Timber flooring from many years ago. Typically in NZ the native timbers are only milled in thinner width boards (90-130mm) to aid better stability of a floor over time. This is restricted by log size of these trees, and because the hardness of those logs allows warping/cupping of timber planks over time if cut any wider.
  • Introduction of Oaks: Oak has many properties that make it harder and more stable than these NZ native timbers, meaning the possibilities of widths are increased. The size of these logs have allowed wider plank boards to become readily available, and they are much less likely to twist/warp over the lifetime of the floor.

In Solid European Oak, like our GOLD LEAF range, our 180mm board is now considered standard. We also carry a 130mm width which is to match existing NZ Native timber flooring for continuity in a space. There are also other products in the range, and we go through why this is a game changer for Solid Oak flooring in NZ here.

  • Modern Design: Driven from Europe, and because they became more available to designers here in NZ, wider plank flooring has become the new norm.


  • Engineered Flooring: Engineered Flooring, where the genuine timber surface is backed by layers of other timber for stability, has opened up new possibilities for wider plank flooring. Because the backing is made from glued layers of stable timber, it allows for greater widths and lengths for some stunning floors. Talk to us about developments we are making in this area!


  • Speed and Cost of Install: The wider the plank, the less joins between planks you will have to do. As demonstrated in the video below, the installation time and therefore costs can be more than halved! Thinner boards are more intricate and take longer to install.

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New Plusfloor Collection

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Introducing the Hand Grade Collection

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