A premium range of solid Oak flooring with designers and installers in mind – Gold Leaf is a collection of solid hardwood planks, both pre- and unfinished, with square and bevelled edges, and in a variety of grades and widths. Gold Leaf planks are notable for the accuracy of machining and require minimal on-site sanding. Unfinished planks are pre-filled and sanded, and all are supplied in strapped and wrapped 6 plank packs for optimum performance and protection prior to install.


These unfinished/finished solid hardwood planks and herringbone blocks are sourced from sustainably-grown forests in Europe. Made of solid European oak, they are manufactured by a reputable family mill, which has been in operation since the 1970s. The traditional solid parquet floor is precision manufactured with square or tumbled edges, and in a variety of grades and widths. Gold Leaf Planks are notable for the accuracy of their machining which means minimal on-site sanding and finishing, refining the way solid oak floors are specified, supplied and installed.

Features and Benefits

  • Knot holes prefilled, sanded before delivery, saving installer labour and costs onsite
  • European Oak is known to be more stable over time than American Oak
  • Added anti-cupping grooves on reverse of wide plank boards for improved stability
  • Boards supplied to site with machined Tongue & Groove on all 4 sides
  • Packaged in clean, easy to handle bundles for easy carrying and delivery to work sites
  • Our 180mm wide pre-finished oiled plank requires no extra finishing, and tumbled parquet requires no sanding, just oiling after install
  • Competitive trade rates