Creating spaces with exposed raw materials such as old wood, brick walls and, steel beams and concrete surfaces. Unashamedly making a statement with them. Exposing with confidence building products that would normally be concealed. Celebrating style and function in unison. Neutral tones, reclaimed wood, peeling paint, exposed pipes and ducts. Industrial is in.

Enter VidaSpace. The global industrial design trend has recently taken a new twist in New Zealand with the launch of VidaSpace’s reclaimed wood and rustic brick and stone panels.

HW0106 TrikBrik Urban Brick Cladding Aged White Interior Composite Panel

It’s all about transforming new building interiors into space’s full of texture and real personality or stripping out existing interiors to transform into the new industrial look. Utilising genuine reclaimed wood add’s warmth and character (each piece with it’s own story to tell) to the other concrete, brick and metal features of designs.

Creating the ‘warehouse’ look is becoming very popular in offices, design studios, creative agencies, café’s, restaurant’s, bars and even homes. Mixing wood with metal on surfaces and furniture alike creates a balance of cold metal and the warmth and beauty that wood brings.

RECM2200 RECM4085 The Crafty Pig 18

Reclaimed wood is currently enjoying a place in the sun with designers seeking to create the ‘industrial’ look and the Vertical and Relik Collections from VidaSpace takes the design options to a whole new level. See the grey, weathered boards of Tempest and the Solid Reclaimed Pine or the multi-colours of Outlier and Organic Pine Chevron or the amazing texture and character of the genuine reclaimed Barn Oak

Old brick walls can be recreated in a very short space of time with the new TrikBrik Collection from VidaSpace. This imitation brick panel, once installed, creates an incredibly genuine looking and feeling surface with the heavy textures of rustic brick walls with even the cold and rough surface when you touch it (made possible by the real crushed marble surface). This very cost effective and realistic product is an excellent design option for your next industrial style design project.

HW0106 TrikBrik Urban Brick Cladding Aged White Interior Composite Panel

Hanging industrial light bulbs (often with no shade) make a real statement and become a focal point of industrial designs while bringing out the textures and characters of the raw products that have been used in the design.

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