Emily Smith-Pilling

Our People: Emily Smith Pilling

You can contact Emily on 027 776 6626 or [email protected]

Where have you come from in the industry?

I have worked 10 years in the textile industry having grown up in the interior design industry with a family business in drapery.

What does your job as a showroom sales consultant entail?

My role is to help interior designers and architects find the right product to suit their project.

What do you love about interior design?

I love everything about interior design. Seeing a space that evokes a feeling of calm, energy or excitement.

Who are your design icons?

I don’t think I have any design icons, however I am fascinated with periods of interior design. At the moment really loving mid-century furniture and colours schemes, and my dream is to have a conversation pit in my home.

What is one of the most interesting projects you’ve worked on?

A hotel project that was looking for a completely bespoke intricate flooring pattern. We have sent drawings over to the mill who have custom-created panels with the architect’s design.

What do you love about timber?

That it is such beautiful, natural resource.

What is your favourite VidaSpace product?

My favourite VidaSpace product at the moment would be our new Oscar Ono Foret collection.