Our team has begun working remotely and experiencing the benefits such as having no commutes, more time with family and having their cat at their side! 

The team is committed to staying super positive during this difficult time and would love to speak with you and help out however we can over the coming months via phone, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. 

It is the perfect time to introduce you to the amazing new Floor Visualiser Tool from Havwoods. This is a world-leading online tool that enables you to ‘insert’ a Havwoods Wood Floor into your space – just take a picture of the space upload it and you can try any of their floor styles and see how they look. It is really fun and a great way for clients to visualise the floor in their own home or wherever they are going to use it – check it out now by looking up any products at www.havwoods.com/nz 

We have got large stocks in New Zealand and are working closely with our supply chain to minimise any disruption which up until now has been hardly impacted at all. 

At this challenging time, I want you to know how important the extended relationships of our family business are to us – our employees, our customers, and our suppliers. I wish you all a safe time during the coming weeks.

Keep Safe & Stay Positive 
Jimmy Simmons, Managing Director

Turn your project into a virtual reality with Havwoods Floor Visualiser Tool.

When you’re choosing your new wood flooring, the amount of options can be overwhelming and you want to be sure of your choice.

Our incredible new Floor Visualiser minimises confusion and lets you see how the floor you’ve chosen will actually look installed in your room. Using state-of-the-art technology, it’s never been easier to visualise flooring in a room before you buy.

Havwoods Floor Visualiser allows you to see the selected floor in an array of pre-defined settings, or upload a photo of your own room for the most realistic example. You can simply choose another product and compare various looks side by side. The Floor Visualiser is the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience.

Try this out from home – it is really fun and very realistic – a great way for you and clients to help decide what floor is perfect for the space.

VidaSpace Video Library

Check out the new video library now on our website including installation, maintenance and events – enjoy watching from wherever you are working! Learn from our global partners with tips, tricks and inspiration. 

As our team has begun to work from home, learn what their No.1 benefit is for working remotely. 

Jimmy Simmons
Managing Director
Mobile: +64 21 246 4089 

Jimmy’s No.1 remote working benefit

Spending time with Roscoe (5) who is off school and Saskia who is 8 months – learning how to multi task!

Paul Simmons
Trade Key Account Manager
Mobile: +64 21 228 5774 

Paul’s No.1 remote working benefit

Finishing off the odd jobs at the house we have just built

Brad Simmons
Residential & Bespoke Specialist
Mobile: +64 21 639 705

Brad’s No.1 remote working benefit

Having a desk I can move outdoors under the verandah. Also, unboxing my saxophone after many years to re-learn it.

Aaron McLean
Hospitality & Multi-Residential Specialist
Mobile: +64 21 224 2850

Aaron’s No.1 remote working benefit

I don’t have to do a long commute! I can work outside and be close to the kitchen all the time!

Ahlia McKenzie
Interior Design Consultant
Mobile: +64 27 582 5357

Ahlia’s No.1 remote working benefit

Having a full-time purrsonal assistant by my side – my cat Pepper!

Get in touch if you have any further questions!

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