‘The loft style was born from renovating urban industrial buildings into residential spaces. Exposed structural beams, polished concrete floors and bare brickwork walls are the markings of an inner-city New York loft-style apartment.’ Abbey Ford, Domain.com.au

Whether you are designing a refurbishment of a space or building new, the key elements of New York Loft style designs can be easily incorporated to create a stunning space to live or work in.

‘One of the key elements of Manhattan open-plan living is the entrance area. A sense of arrival is essential as it helps to define the various areas within open spaces. You can achieve this by introducing different wall colours and textures. Using only one colour can overemphasise the sense of space and just make it into one big room, rather than showcasing separate areas within that space.’ Nina Campbell, The Telegraph

‘It may be a cliché to claim that exposed brick equals warehouse style, but it does make a statement that speaks to this rough and ready aesthetic. Few of us are about to start ripping off plaster, but there’s actually no need, as it’s easy to create a brick-effect wall using pre-made panels, which are screwed into place. This clever textured cladding is a quick way of adding bucketfuls of character.’ Laura Wheat, Houzz UK Contributor

Unless existing brick walls can be exposed, recreating this New York Loft style look has been very challenging and a labour intensive exercise in the past. The innovative new brick wall finishes by VidaSpace are redefining how these designs can be achieved, being both fast, cost effective and with a very authentic outcome. These lightweight panels with a very realistic finish can transform rooms in a matter of hours and without the need for specialised installers.

‘Manhattan is the birthplace of loft living, so contemporary is the word of the day. The key to achieving this is to use muted tones on textured fabrics and upholstery, saving an injection of colour or pattern for selected focal points. Large windows are a must to bring lots of natural light into the room and increase the sense of space.’ Nina Campbell, The Telegraph

‘These stripped-back, unconventional schemes allow the fabric of a building to shine without the need for fussy embellishments. While few of us actually live in old schools or factories, there are still many elements of industrial design that transfer easily to both modern and period properties.’ Laura Wheat, Houzz UK Contributor

Either recreating a single wall with these brick panels or creating feature walls in high rise apartment projects, TRIKBRIK is redefining interiors that call for textured walls that are imitating the industrial designs that are the hallmark of Manhattan living.

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