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In this section you can learn a lot more about us. You can read about our new products, projects and initiatives and you can find the stories behind the style on some of our interesting projects.

Hand Grade – Cradle to Cradle Certified

Hand Grade Cradle to Cradle Certified A first for New Zealand - the only Cradle-to Cradle certified wood flooring. Hand Grade. Designed for the most prestigious of projects, the latest engineered range comprises of extra-large boards that offer impressive proportions...

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Oil, Hardwax Oil or Polyurethane?

OIL, HARD WAX OIL or POLYURETHANE? The finish you select for your timber flooring or wall panelling depends on the intended use of the space and the aesthetics. Traditional oils and hard waxes are the most natural choice – in terms of aroma and look – and protect the...

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Going Up The Walls

GOING UP THE WALLS It sometimes seems that our wood appears on walls and ceilings as frequently as it does on the floor. It often gets used to clad pillars (making an attractive feature out of an engineering necessity), counters, display units and bars, and to create...

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Ensure The Wood You Use Is The Right Wood

ENSURE THE WOOD YOU USE IS THE RIGHT WOOD Of course, you always want to deal with reputable timber companies who wouldn’t dream of importing illegally logged timber. Many timber suppliers will tell you, often in good faith, that their supplies are from ‘sustainable’...

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Interview with Ahlia Mangin: Design Consultant

WELCOME AHLIA MANGIN With a background in communication design,photography and lighting, Ahlia joins VidaSpace as a design consultant and is based in our Parnell studio. We asked her about her design inspirations and the most interesting project she has ever worked...

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Interview with Lis Burt: Business Development Manager

WELCOME LIS BURT Lis Burt joined our Parnell studio in July to support architects and designers in the greater Auckland area. We asked Lis about her background in customer management and her favourite international design icons. You can contact Lis on 027 776 6626 or...

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