Parquet Flooring

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If you like a floor that is covered in geometric shapes and patterns, then you will love parquet flooring. It is a series of wooden blocks that are positioned in different ways to represent a unique geometric pattern. That is why people love parquet flooring so much. It makes their home or business look original and special.

VidaSpace can offer you a variety of parquet flooring products that you will love for your residential or commercial space. The wooden blocks can be made from natural solid wood or engineered wood. Both types of wood will make your parquet flooring look great. Our experts will consult with you about which is better for your particular floors.

Overall, parquet flooring has four great qualities about them. They are as follows:

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1) Original Design

Each wood piece is arranged uniquely. You will end up with a flooring pattern that is unlike anyone else’s flooring pattern. Once you experiment with different types of woods and finishes, you can create beautiful colour patterns on your flooring as well.

2) Simple to Clean and Maintain

Parquet floors are simple to keep clean because they don’t stain so easily. Simply follow our care guide for instructions on how to protect your parquet floors. The guide covers sweeping and vacuuming processes, along with instructions on our recommended Marldon cleaning kit.

3) Strong and Durable

If you perform basic maintenance on your flooring regularly, then your parquet floors should last you for anywhere from 10 to 50 years depending on commercial or residential use. Some parquet flooring is able to be resanded and refinished, which rejuvenates it, extending its lifetime.

4) Affordable

You don’t need to break the bank to afford parquet floors. The team at VidaSpace will help ensure your product meets your budget requirements. New manufacturing methods and prefinishing of engineered parquetry floors makes this a lot more affordable than traditional solid block parquet that is finished on site.


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