Kilbirnie Residence

Location /  Wellington, New Zealand

Architect / Seear-Budd Ross

Joiner / Woodhaus Joinery

Photographer / Thomas Seear-Budd

Seear-Budd Ross have recently completed a renovation project of an early-twentieth-century villa in Kilbirnie, Wellington. The goal for the project was to retain its original charm, yet improve the layout, bring in more natural light and enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere. To achieve this, they used a refined palette of travertine and Vidaspace walnut veneer to create a sense of calm throughout the home and to enhance the seamlessness of the new configuration. 

From the beginning, Seear-Budd Ross were thinking about travertine and walnut, as they both have an unassuming, timeless quality, that would compliment the existing villa. The architects wanted the design to feel cohesive, without a clear delineation between what was added and what was existing. The travertine and walnut joinery are used to add richness, warmth and texture to the otherwise clean and simple spaces. They also help mitigate the light and glare in the kitchen, which is exposed to the afternoon sun. 

Snaking around the kitchen and into the dining room, the walnut joinery connects the two spaces and anchors the back of the house.  SBR director Thomas Seear-Budd  comments that: “The walnut veneer provides the exact level of warmth and character that we were striving for.  We loved working with Vidaspace on this project (as did our joiner Andrew Woodhouse). They have a fantastic selection of products and we look forward to collaborating again in the future!”

Written Case Study provided by Thomas Seear-Budd