Timber Flooring Northland

VidaSpace® provide New Zealand’s most extensive portfolio of unique and innovative wall and flooring solutions.

Northland is a beautiful forested region of New Zealand. A lot of people who live in this region want to bring the essence of nature into their homes. That is why they elect to have timber flooring installed. It makes their homes feel like they’re a part of nature rather than isolated from nature. 

Are you interested in upgrading your flooring to solid or engineered timber flooring? If so, then you’ll love the flooring products available at VidaSpace. We have a variety of solid oak woods and engineered woods to choose from. Not only do their colours look different, but their block arrangements and patterns are different as well.


Timber flooring has a natural aesthetic appeal that looks good in commercial environments and residential environments. Business owners usually elect to have engineered wood floors because of their superior performance, stability and value for money. If you own a restaurant, office, or retail shop, then you should think about using engineered wood. We have everything from versailles panels to chevron and herringbone parquetry and traditional plank floors. Speak to our specialists to find out what would meet your design requirements the best. 

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