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VidaSpace® provide New Zealand’s most extensive portfolio of unique and innovative wall and flooring solutions.

We have several engineered wood flooring products which might be of interest to you. VidaSpace has been a premier engineered wood flooring supplier in Otago for several years because of our dedication to supplying attractive and resilient products.

The great thing about engineered wood is that it is stronger than natural hardwood, but still retains the same natural look on the outside. Each engineered wood flooring product is made with a hardwood layer and a solid plywood core. The hardwood layer thickness helps determine the lifespan of the flooring.


For instance, a flooring product with a 6mm hardwood layer will last longer than a product with a 4mm hardwood layer. If you take regular care of your flooring, it could last you for as long as 75 years. You would never need to worry about purchasing new flooring ever again. Some of the essential maintenance tasks include vacuuming and mopping. But these tasks won’t need to be done all the time, just on an occasional basis. 

Either way, all engineered wood flooring products include a solid plywood core for enhanced durability, stability, and resilience. They are perfect for indoor public environments where people walk around regularly. There are no swelling, warping, or staining concerns with engineered wood flooring because it combines plywood and hardwood properties. 

VidaSpace has supplied engineered flooring products to hundreds of businesses and homeowners throughout Otago. Since we’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, we ensure that only the highest-quality engineered wood flooring products are sold. As you browse our online collection, you’ll see a selection of black, grey, brown, and white colour options with attractive patterns. Some of the most popular designs are Herringbone and Versailles because they blend well in any environment.

Do you have any questions, comments or inquiries to make about our engineered wood flooring products? If so, please call us at 0800 119 388 for further assistance.


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