The innovative TRIKBRIK product by Havwoods and exclusively distributed in New Zealand by VidaSpace has excellent fire retardant properties. Recent guidance from the MBIE states that “The co-relation of wall and ceiling surface finishes derived from Australian or European classifications to the Group Number requirements of NZBC Clause 3.4(a) can, without the need for further testing, be taken as described in the following table..” Ref:

With the TrikBrik products tested to EN13501-1 standards with a test result of B s3, this translates on this MBIE table to a NZBC Group Number 1 classification. This is excellent news for designers as it increases the number of commercial applications the product can be used in, especially in public spaces. Note this would still be needed to be classified as an Alternative Solution but it is clearly backed by MBIE’s article and subsequent table in the link above.

Full details of the products specifications are available for free download in the form of a Technical Data Sheet on each product page. Also fire test reports are available to fire engineers for the signing off of projects.

Innovative designs that replicate old brick and stone walls can transform interiors in a matter of hours making this VidaSpace Collection a very popular choice in the hospitality and retail sectors, along with office interiors and feature walls. Brought to life with clever spot lighting, it is guaranteed to instantly impress clients and visitors alike.

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