Utilise the realistic brick and stone wall cladding range and add your own unique touch. The TrikBrik Collection can be taken even further with some artistic work.

Take you industrial designs to the next level with TrikBrik.

Fitting the product perfectly into its surroundings can be done with that little extra-special touch such as painting mould stains below a pipe making it look like an old leaky pipe and putting plaster roughly over parts of the surface to imitate a brick wall being exposed in an old building renovation. A brand new space can be transformed in a short space of time to look over 100 years old.

Ever considered getting a graffiti artist to liven up the wall in your hospitality or retail designs?

What about painting cracks in the brick walls to imitate earthquake damage?

Love the texture and style of one of the TrikBrik Collection but want a colour to meet your project requirements? TrikBrik products can be painted over to create exactly the colour and style you want.

It is recommended that these specialised applications are trialled first and only taken on by highly skilled installers/artists. Consider consulting skilled movie set personal to bring your ideas to life.

Please contact our sales team if you would like us to supply you with recommended installers 0800 119 388 or email info@vidaspace.co.nz

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