Subfloor Problems

Modern subfloors can be constructed in a wide range of materials, from concrete and plywood to timber and chipboard. Each presents its own challenges when it comes to securing the selected flooring, but you can rest assured that each has a simple and effective solution at VidaSpace with our Marldon range of accessories. We have produced a simple guide to outline suggested solutions.


Fitting a timber floor over an anhydrite screed (without underfloor heating)

1. Timber Floor

Refer to Manufacturer for compatibility.

2. MXA200 Adhesive

This should be trowelled out using the Marldon 3mm or 4mm notched trowel with a coverage of approx. 1KG/sq metre.

3. MXS140 Damp Proof Membrane

This should be applied by either a roller or poured into ribbons along the surface and trowelled out using a 4mm trowel with a coverage of approx 12.5 – 15 sq metres / 4 litre unit.

* The MXS140 will isolate moisture up to 97% RH.
* Please contact our team for further subfloor solutions.

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