reate amazing contrasts and powerful statements in your design with the use of black and white. A timeless choice that can create sophisticated designs and patterns or used by themselves to create minimalistic designs. Using such simple but powerful colour options means a real statement can be made of fixtures such as exposed copper pipes in an industrial design.

Some amazing interiors capturing the power of black and white design are featured in the following article on the Home Designing website. 

Off-setting the boldness of black and the purity of white; warmth and character can be added to the interior by incorporating natural wood products or rustic brick textures as featured in the following linked images.

Adding subtle or heavy textures to the colour selection and mixing different products makes for some incredible design opportunities. The texture featured in our Tora Henley timber flooring is a great example of this, or the more stark white and lesser depth of Stratus VidaPlank Timber Flooring still has the ability to create some stunning flooring.

Mixing wood into your product choices has the added value of being a natural product and an extra special choice when it is a reclaimed wood and/or FSC Certified.

Going dark, there are somespecial products in our range -including Reclaimed Oak Tora featuring distinctive features with textures, widths and tones.

Going all white to create a purist look or mixing this with dark products, can be simply but effectively achieved with our selection of wood products. One Wall product in the current VidaSpace Collections that carry this attribute. The Genuine Reclaimed Solid Pine Lime washed White is a lovely decorative wall cladding product with a textured surface and lime washed by hand. 

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