Sustainable wood doesn’t come better than this. Recycled with FSC Chain of Custody – it will make you green with envy! VidaSpace loves sourcing sustainable wood products, especially those with FSC CoC Certification. This certification was initiated to recognise the important role that reclaimed wood plays in protecting the world’s forests.

Our stunning range of reclaimed wood products has taken the design industry by storm with the unique colours and textures they offer and how they effectively eliminate the large joinery cost and time component that has been associated in making these products. VidaSpace’s 100% FSC Reclaimed wood products have been reclaimed from post-consumer sources such as old barn structures and carefully recovered and masterfully crafted into designer wood products, avoiding the need to fell living forests to produce these wood products. Having the FSC CoC Certification on these reclaimed wood products provides assurance of the legality and legitimacy of its supply and compliance with government procurement regulations.

Using these reclaimed products to create stunning interiors is currently a very popular choice in the retail and hospitality industry with the increasing call for real, natural, wood finishes that creates an authentic feel about the store and the brand. The huge demand for these products increases the importance of having a certified supply chain to legitimise the ‘real thing’ and help stamp out any faux reclaimed wood products on the market. Look for the certification on each products Technical Data Sheets – available online.

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