The interior design industry is extremely dynamic and a constantly changing landscape. The VidaSpace team keep a close eye on global design trends and work with some of the leading global manufacturers to ensure we are at the cutting edge of the interior design market not only in New Zealand but on the world stage. Major technology advances and consumer trends that are demanding transparency, product certifications, individuality and value-for-money are shaping product innovations around the world. Some key trends to watch for in 2016 are.


Texture (real texture)

Backstage are 2D brick and timber wall papers. Center stage are genuine textures. Industrial designs are all about textures – real textures; and this allows for stunning environments especially when complimented by clever lighting designs. Note the extensive used of reclaimed wood for example. Wood products are a dominant design element in bars, cafes and restaurants, fast food chains, retail stores, and an increasingly common feature of modern office designs. See Office Snapshots recent article on the top 25 office designs of 2015 to see this in action



There is no ignoring the rapidly growing movement towards sustainable design and architecture. Leading global designers are seeing the importance of using certified products from environmentally and socially responsible manufacturers and rightly so. Are we prepared to say no to cheaper options from unverified sources? There is the growing awareness that we are custodians of the future and this must reflect strongly in the choices we make today are building design and construction. FSC Certified wood is a classic example of this and is featured extensively in VidaSpace Collections, including a number of FSC Reclaimed Wood products. Also note the global design trend of bringing the outdoors in with features like living walls and wall murals with outdoor scenes.


The New Old

An increasingly popular trend with global designers is to incorporate industrial style elements into modern designs. Take for example the ‘Spitfire’ range of furniture, or the use of reclaimed wood in offices interiors in Silicon Valley and leading restaurants chains around the world. Major brands are looking to create a ‘genuine’ feel about their brand and their environments. Retail designers are also flocking to reclaimed wood in the current revolution of the retail shopping experience. Open ceilings are now common place in office designs with exposed pipes and ducts tied to the rough concrete beams and floors above. The use of rusty metal as well is still a popular design element and fits well with concrete and reclaimed wood elements. See VidaSpace’s new Rust Metal and Raw Concrete Industri Collection 



Designers of global fashion brands, corporate offices and restaurants, to name a few, are looking beyond the status quo to create unique environments to increase key factors such as, foot traffic, have higher brand engagement, employee and customer satisfaction and attracting top employees by these amazing environments. We are now seeing wood on the floor, up the walls and across the ceiling, herringbone and chevron patterns in wood planks and tiles, the mixing of different products and colours and textures to create unique patterns and amazing spaces for people to collaborate and socialise is a key consideration in today’s design industry. Creating private pods and small meeting spaces with the use of a feature material such as rusty metal, pastel colours or wood planks is also a common sighting in today’s modern office spaces. Or take the intricate use of timber and tiles in multiple colours and textures in restaurant chains such as Nandos that truly celebrates the natural beauty of wood.

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