Meet Decospan From Belguim

Veneer is the purest expression of wood, a technical and creative tour de force that offers unending value in décor. Unfortunately, this precious raw material has had to confront many imitations in the market in recent years. Decospan sees it as their responsibility to do something about it. They aim to see their raw material and all the many products derived from it flourishing again through innovation and ingenuity. Veneer adds warmth beauty and repose. It is our ambition alongside Decospan to have every interior come into its own by making use of this exclusive material.

Mixmatch Jointing Technique

Decospan has developed its own patented machine for the mix matched or planked technique, in which the veneers are jointed together randomly to give the final sheet the appearance of solid wood without disadvantages such as warping as the humidity varies.


Exceptional Veneers for Exceptional Design Outcomes

Brought to you exclusively from Decospan, Querkus is a collection of decorative oak veneered panels. Every panel produced is unique, where the oak veneer is handled creatively and with the utmost respect. The unique production processes capture and enhance the beauty, colour, markings and structure of solid wood, and combine these with the many advantages of a veneered panel. Querkus tells a story of quality, respect and craftmanship, offering every interior an individual, distinctive atmosphere. Matching Edge Bandings have been developed for each look. This means that we can provide a total solution and each project can be finished in detail.


Innovative, Prefinished Veneer Panels

A collection of prefinished wood veneered panels, perfect for architects and cabinet makers to design and create stylish and distinctive interiors in both commercial and residential applications. Shinnoki products are ready and easy to use with huge time and cost savings, but with the same unique look and feel that is typical for real wood veneer. Thanks to the mix matching technique and industrial processing Shinnoki guarantees consistent colours and quality. Shinnoki provides the complete solution with matching panels and edge banding. Certain colours can also be combined with products from the Par-ky collection.


The Scandinavian Veneer Collection

This collection embodies the Scandinavian lifestyle and nourishes us with cosiness and warmth. A Nrdus panel is composed of a top layer of real wood veneer, a core of 18 mm MDF and a backing of real wood veneer for stability reasons. The top layer is always a jointed veneer sheet composed using a mixmatch technique. In this process, strips of veneer wood from various trees with varying slicing methods are randomly jointed into a full sheet. This way, the panel looks like solid wood character without any visual interruption. Matching Edge Bandings have been developed for each look. This means that we can provide a total solution.

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