A New World Of Veneers


Tuesday, April 7th  2020 at 10:00 am (NZT)
Webinar Duration: 45 Minutes
Platform: Zoom – Join from anywhere using your iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Presented By:
Maxime De Scheemaeker & Wouter Polfliet

Latest Veneer Market Trends


Market leaders in Europe and around the globe, our partners Decopsan are pushing the boundaries of veneer production to create new possibilities that have never been thought possible with veneer.

World-Leading Veneer Innovations


Still a family run business like ours, innovation runs in the blood and there is an unquenchable thirst for new veneer such as smoking oak, reclaimed veneers, ultra deep vintage brushing, prefinished veneers and much more…..

Behind-the-scenes of a World-Class Veneer Manufacturer:


With no less capability than 8000 panels per day and cutting edge technology such as AI alongside a large team of experienced hands that have been doing it for over 40 years, this operation is a world-leader! Register today to get an amazing insight to the plant live from Belgium

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