VidaSpace Bespoke is a concept, not a collection. It’s your concept delivered in a way which is viable in a commercial situation. With VidaSpace Bespoke, the only limitation is your imagination.

With global supply chains, the options with VidaSpace Bespoke are endless. Our team of experts will make your vision a reality in the most simple, cost- effective way and in the required time frame.

Developing customised solutions for complete apartment and hotel fit outs are an example of where VidaSpace Bespoke excels. VidaSpace Bespoke offers complete, single-source solutions for architectural floor, wall, ceiling, and joinery applications, along with installation accessories and maintenance products. VidaSpace has excellent relationships with leading manufacturers all over the world and has the ability to source the exact textures, colours, patterns, species or finishes that your client or project demands in wood, brick, stone, metal, concrete and more. The coupling of our local knowledge with the expertise of global, certified manufacturers, means VidaSpace Bespoke can offer the exact fit for any unique request.

Frequently, office-fitouts, hotels, hospitality and retail stores are specified by international designers. The local sourcing to match these specifications to maintain global brand consistency is a common challenge in the industry. VidaSpace Bespoke meets this need by bridging this gap, with the ability to collaborate with global design firms based anywhere in the world to provide the exact solution they are looking for. We have successfully worked on a number of these projects including working with design practices in London, New Delhi and Sydney on different projects to come up with customised solutions that we can supply to order. We recognize that in a fast paced and competitive industry, working with a multi-faceted supplier that can collaborate and source globally offering a single-source supply for architectural finishes is a huge benefit in the form of time and cost savings for designers and contractors alike. VidaSpace Bespoke is exactly that.

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