The additional of two further timber products creates further opportunities for our clients to create the aesthetic their designs call for.

These two great options add a new dimension to economical and highly effective cladding, and build on the depth already in the VERTICAL and OUTLAND ranges.

All in stock! We’re ready to assist with finding how they can fit with your projects – get in touch today to arrange your free samples.

More to come …Keep an eye out for revolutionary additions to the range later this year…

Antique Black Solid Spruce Cladding

A simple, classic Scandinavian Timber, made antique with brushing, beautiful black stain and a matte lacquer.

It takes 100 years for such quality timber to grow, yet the quality still comes in as one of the most economical cladding option in our range.

Outpost Reclaimed Rustic Cladding

Reclaimed from derelict old barns in the picturesque Great Lakes region of North America, this is another reworked architectural masterpiece, and carries 100% FSC recycled certification as does all the OUTLAND Range.

Design with reclaimed timber. Capture the character of the past for the future.

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