Assembly Label

Location /  Auckland, New Zealand

People Involved / We are Triibe, Fitout Solutions, Contract Flooring

Photographer / Mike Hishon


“Assembly Label and Triibe share a very complimenting aesthetic and appreciation for design, with the key focus on creating spaces that feel more like a home than a retail store. For the Auckland store design, we wanted to really herald the Assembly Label brand, as this is the first overseas store outside of Australia. It was important for us to create a space that customers felt really welcomed in, could comfortably move and transition through, and for everyone who stops by to feel at ‘home’ in a sense.”

“This week, we opened the door to our first international store in New Zealand. Our signature minimal and relaxed aesthetic, paired-back tones and neutral timber were used to create a space that feels more like a home than a retail store. We sat down with designers Christina & Jess from We are Triibe who shared their creative process and inspiration for the store, as well as their top tips for designing a minimal home.”

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