Eagle Wharf

Location /  London United Kingdom

Project Courtesy of Havwoods International

Located in the heart of London, this stunning residential project is an apartment that carries a warming and characterful charm. With a beautiful view of the River Thames, the overall look is modern with a twist of rustic influence thanks to the rich textures found in the interior flooring and furnishings.

The kitchen is made up of exceptionally crafted wood cabinetry whilst the living room displays a mix of traditional and contemporary finishes. The flooring is Havwoods’ durable and high-performing Galway Rustic board from the Hand Grade collection, a strong board that is particularly suitable for use over underfloor heating. 

Exuding an element of country character, the Hand Grade collection is designed for the most prestigious of projects, comprising of enormous boards up to 4m long. Crafted with a triple layered construction, the micro-bevelled edges and smooth sanded surface of the board adds a highly characterful appearance to apartments due to its natural colour variation, undulations, and natural water markings.