EBB Dunedin Hotel

Location /  Dunedin, New Zealand

Architects / Garry Todd Architects, Indyk Architects

Developer / CL Hotels

Builder / Stewart Construction


“EBB is a modern boutique hotel that provides relaxed luxury for a restful pause on your journey. Inspire by the land, sea, and sky that surrounds us, our cotemporary hotel serves friends, locals, an guests a slice of our unique way of life.”

This beautiful hotel incorporates different aspects of our environment, paying tribute to what once was and now is. Each suite has different aesthetic and atmosphere for visitors to indulge in. The warm timber flooring creates a feeling of being grounded, makes us feel warm and cosy and the size of the planks help make the space feel bigger. The beautiful materials used in each space makes you feel integrated to the surroundings, creating a peaceful space for visitors to relax and feel at home away from home, a must do stay when in Dunedin.