Kotahi Logistics, Auckland

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VS2016 INDUSTRI Old Ironside Flexible Rust Metal

HW0100 TRIKBRIK White Loft Brick Cladding

Project Architect:

Unispace: Born from an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to do things differently, Unispace was founded in 2010 by a group of design and construction professionals from around the globe. Each brought specialised local knowledge, experience and talent to the table to craft a new methodology that continues to challenge the industry status quo. Since that day, Unispace has grown swiftly. With globally recognised talent collaborating on local projects, we seamlessly unite strategy, design, project management and delivery to achieve real, measurable results for our clients.

Learn More www.unispace.com

Project Address:

Kotahi Logistics, Level 4, 2 Graham Street, Auckland 1010

Learn more: www.kotahi.co.nz

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