Maximus Offices

Location /  Sydney

People Involved / Siren Design

This rapidly growing leadership development consultancy works with top names like 20th Century Fox, Allianz, Estée Lauder, Nestlé and Johnson & Johnson. Image is important, so their corporate headquarters is located in an idyllic waterside setting on the edge of Sydney’s CBD and it has been featured in Executive style’s ‘seven of the most stylish new office spaces in Australia’.

Siren Design’s ethos was to blur the lines between lifestyle, hospitality and office environments with a monochromatic palette and highlights of Carrara marble, brass detailing and whitewashed floors – from Havwoods, of course. Elements such as oversized globes, café-style furniture, delicately-framed glazing and a communal dining table sets the tone for a warm space that’s inviting and comfortable but with a very stylish and sophisticated twist.

Project courtesy of Havwoods International