Nandos New Lynn

Location /  Auckland, New Zealand

People Involved / The Wonder Group 

Photography / Russell Kleyn

Nando’s is an international chain of casual dining restaurants, which specialise in Afro-Portuguese flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. Their New Lynn restaurant revamp is part of a country-wide design refreshment focused on natural materials accented with African and Portuguese culture.

The South African brand supports design, the arts and music, and briefed interior design company The Wonder Group to produce a rich interior scheme, featuring natural materials and colour as a setting for a fun dining experience.

 “Nando’s aim to get natural design variation on each site,” says interior designer Topaz Johnson. “They brief each design company with effectively the same brief, but seek a unique interpretation specific to the location and the designer.”

The Wonder Group has specified VidaSpace’s Oak Dryden to create a warm, textured interior. To this, they have added solid brick walls, painted and natural timber furniture, and bespoke ceramic lights to reference the history of Crown Lynn ceramics and clays unique to the area. African art, bright reds, golds and greens spice up the interior to reflect Nando’s famous PERi-PERi chicken, African and Portuguese flavours.

The VidaSpace timber collection provides a range of different character finishes, sparing the need to chase around the demolition yards or develop multiple finish samples. This saves procurement time and means you can order any quantity.

“We used to work with demolition yards, but you couldn’t guarantee what you were going to get, and there was always a lot of chasing around town,” says Craiger Hargesheimer of Lonestar Construction. “VidaSpace timber is boxed up beautifully, you can lift it easy enough, and what you don’t use is still in the box. It is brilliant, really well thought out and makes life simple.”