Phil Redmond Architecture & Urbanism

Location /  Christchurch, New Zealand

People Involved / Phil Redmond Architecture & Urbanism

Photographer / Samuel Hartnett


“PRAU studio should feel like a place you want to be in. Conceived as a casual living room, it caters to different ways of working/creating and encourages a fluid interchange between team members, filled with furniture, books and objects that we love and inspire us.”

This studio office space really is a casual living space, providing comfort and fluidity to change how and where you work each day. Clean lines, white with black detailing, rounded arch ways, and textured walls and ceilings, this space has a feel good and relaxing atmosphere. Beautiful warm oak floors bring this design together, creating a sense of wellbeing with natural products, warmth, and contrast, it is a great material to bring into any office space.