Pulitzer Hotel

Location /  Amsterdam

People Involved / Jacu Strauss 

Product Used /  HW2604 End Grain Henley


Exceptional craftsmanship has been demonstrated to enhance the 400 year-old canal houses set in the heart of the Amsterdam UNESCO World Heritage canal district. The buildings’ modern influences have been stripped back to reveal their hidden beauty and provide the canvas for the new design concept, which combines historical elements with contemporary style. From trade merchants to flamboyant Dutch aristocrats, past inhabitants of the canal houses have inspired the rich character of the hotel to bring through the traditional essence of the Dutch capital.

South African designer Jacu Strauss, who previously worked at Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio, brought a modern touch to the historic hotel using an unusual design strategy—spending a night in each and every room. “Research and preparation were key in order to come up with an interior design solution that had a common thread throughout the hotel, yet at the same time celebrate the differences that make each room unique,” – Jacu Strauss

Project courtesy of Havwoods International