St Remy Home

Location /  Christchurch, New Zealand

Architect / Young Architects

Construction / Summit Build

Photographer / Lightforge – Dennis Radermacher

Product Used /  HW3892 Arena Venture Plank – Indent order


Young Architects rebirthed this family home on the same grounds, reusing as many materials as possible from the old home that was damaged in the Christchurch quakes and created this eclectic Christchurch style home. The combination of concrete and steal along side the glass and timber finishes create a sense of nature’s beauty throughout the space. Young Architects have innovatively merged the Christchurch style which has been evolving since the 60s, with the new technologies available to create sustainable, long-lasting homes. A breath-taking view, a space to enjoy your family’s company and taking into consideration every angle and material in the home, including a beautiful moody, rustic timber floor. Paying tribute to the heritage of the houses previously on these grounds, as well as the future homeowners in Aotearoa who wish to live in a free flowing, easy, and efficient space.