The White Company
Location /  UK

People Involved / Project courtesy of Havwoods UK

Havwoods Venture Plank Amendo engineered timber floors provide the rustic plank flooring look favoured by The White Company in their United Kingdom retail stores.

In 1994, Chrissie Rucker was unable to find well-designed, beautiful quality bed linen in white, so she established The White Company to make them. Now, the company which started as a 12-page mail order brochure, is the UK’s fastest growing multi-channel retailer.

The White Company is all about impeccably stylish products in a limited colour palette. They are neither traditional, nor cutting edge, just beautifully designed, simple, elegant pieces; timeless but with individuality and style. As you’d expect, White Company stores are as meticulously styled as their products, with a set design criteria and, for the last four years, Havwoods has been a major part of that identity, featuring in around 20 new store and refit projects.

The floor is our Venture Plank Amendo – rustic plank flooring and is used in every store – a testament to their delight with it. Their reasons for making Havwoods a partner of choice? Quality, punctuality and attention to detail.