“Whether you hear temporary retail, flash retailing, Pop-Up Store, or Pop-Up Shop, it is all one and the same. Pop-Up Shop are taking over the retail world and rethinking traditional brick-and-mortar and big-box stores” TheStoreFront.com


This trend being adopted by both small new comers to the market through to big global brands is bringing some exciting challenges to the retail design space. Key reasons why pop-ups have been gaining in popularity is:

  • They provide companies the opportunity to connect directly with the end user – seen recently with Kit Kats pop up in Westfield, Sydney  – The Kit Kat Studio. Working on the trend of co-creation, the Kit Kat Studio enabled consumers to design their own flavours and packaging, then watch it be made in front of their very eyes
  • Brand awareness – Pop-Ups often create a lot of excitement around a brand which frequently generates a lot of publicity as in the Kit Kat example mentioned above.
  • Cost effective – TheStoreFront.com states these pop-ups can be 80% cheaper than a traditional retail store and it also offers the company the flexibility to not be tied into long term expensive lease agreements. Pop-Ups can last for as short as 1-3 months.
  • Flexibility – It also gives the option for companies entering new markets or geographical locations to test sites before making a large long term commitment

VidaSpace was recently privileged to work with the team as Spaceworks and Pop Up Now on a small pop-up project in Takapuna, Auckland. Called Bondie Designer Cupcakes, the design called for a feature brick wall across the back of the shop. Our White Brick Cladding worked perfectly – aesthetically, budget wise, the ease of installation and the ease of ‘uninstalling’ it when the pop-up closes one day.

Pop Up Now offers a great solution to this market – “We’re the pop-up experts, taking the pop-up phenomenon to a whole new level across the nation and beyond. Pop Up Now is about anything that is short-term, here today, gone tomorrow. We help build brands, sell stock and create memorable experiences. Pop Up Now is about bringing together ‘pop- uppers’ and ‘pop-upees’ and really anyone who appreciates a pop up (and who doesn’t?). Pop-up shops, pop-up restaurants, pop-up events, pop-up spaces, food trucks, supper clubs and everything else in between” We would recommend getting in contact with them if you are thinking of doing a pop-up any time soon www.popupnow.co

Key areas that VidaSpace can provide solutions to Pop-Up store designers are:

  • Fast turn around for supply – most of our products are held ex stock
  • Ease of installation and ‘uninstallation’
  • Competitive pricing

Please contact one of our team to discuss your project T 0800 119 388 or email info@vidaspace.co.nz

Get in touch if you have any further questions!

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