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VidaSpace® provide New Zealand’s most extensive portfolio of unique and innovative wall and flooring solutions.

Wood flooring looks great on the inside of any property. Whether you own a retail store or house in Wellington, a beautiful wood flooring upgrade will enhance the beauty and value of your property. Your family or customers will feel relaxed and happy to set foot on such a beautiful and stylish flooring. All you need to do is find the right flooring company!

VidaSpace is the premier flooring company in Wellington. We offer a wide variety of engineered wood flooring options for your commercial or residential property. You just need to decide which type of engineered wood is necessary for your floors. Some of our engineered wood colour options include white, black, grey and brown.


Engineered floors cannot be sanded or finished more than once. You must accept its current appearance as-is. However, engineered wood is convenient because you don’t need to perform that much maintenance work on it. The pattern options include Versailles, Fresco, Grove, and Jutland. The wood is prefinished and does not require any additional work to be done to the wood.

Engineered wood is designed to look like hardwood, so most people won’t be able to tell the difference. There is a thin hardwood layer on top, and a plywood core layer underneath. A lot of people like to choose engineered wood because it is faster to install. We implement a click groove system to ensure the engineered wood stays securely in place on the floor. This ensures the installation time is fast and cost-effective for all of us.

Therefore, if you want better value for your money and more colours and textures to choose from, then engineered wood is the best choice for your property. It is a sustainable healthy product that can last for decades.

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