Back in July of 2016 we launched into our venture to open a world-class interior finishes showroom in Auckland.

The space was to be a hub for designers and source of inspiration for all. A place to display our extensive range of timber, brick, stone and concrete interior products.  A space to meet, entertain, work and to network at our exclusive industry events.

We enlisted the help of Pennant and Triumph, a boutique design studio based in Ponsonby, Auckland. Pennant and Triumph have extensive experience in both commercial interior design and residential architecture that has led to numerous awards and publications. Their passion for design is focused on creating spaces that inspire, reflect purpose and enhance the way people interact and feel. Their motivation to challenge the norm and push creativity made Pennant and Triumph the perfect partners for us in the design process.

We felt that Parnell would be the perfect location for our home in Auckland. Parnell is increasingly being recognised as the “Design Hub of Auckland”, with a myriad of fabric houses, architectural and design studios, home furnishing showrooms and stores in the area.

In February 2017 we moved into our perfect location at 105 St Georges Bay Road – previously a factory warehouse, transformed into a delightfully industrial venue complete with original exposed steelwork and a newly built mezzanine.

In our industry we certainly understand that all good things take time, and some of the best projects are the lengthiest. So, after all designs were finalised, every detail had been perfected, and every millimetre of the 150m2 had been meticulously combed over, we were now ready to revamp the expansive space even further to become our dream showroom. In January 2019 the extensive renovation commenced, and finally in September 2019 we unveiled our refurbished, completely design-led, world-class Auckland showroom. Take a look:

We warmly welcome you to visit us and see the space for yourself. We open our doors to all design and trade members from 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday.

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