Beyond our 500+ standard spec options of wood flooring and veneer panels, we offer a unique service called VidaSpace bespoke. We work closely with our global partners Havwoods to realise almost endless possibilities

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We can develop a bespoke solution to your preferred size, colour, finish, texture or pattern. Collaborating with some of New Zealand’s leading interior designers and architects our team have developed some truly exquisite floors from enormous planks, random widths to intricate parquetry along with matching trims, borders and brass inserts.

Our bespoke offering also includes a matching service, so if you have a product you have found and would love us to match it, get in touch with our team and they will deliver on this.

Have you got challenges with slip resistance, light reflection, budget constraints, long term performance expectations or environmental certifications required? All these can be achieved with our bespoke service. Working alongside our global partners Havwoods International, we can offer consistent brand elements for global brands such as hotels, retail stores, restaurants and offices, but ensure they meet local regulatory requirements

In the words of Havwoods

Anything is possible with Havwoods Bespoke, the service allows you to build your ideal floor of any size, colour, or pattern. A variety of colours, textures and shapes can all be combined to match any requirements. From intrinsically designed parquet patterns and multi-tonal wood formations, to exquisite inlaid sections of brass and steel, the possibilities are endless with Havwoods bespoke…No design is too extravagant for the Havwoods Bespoke team, so put their creativity and expertise to the test with a unique flooring design.

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