Our take on a famous business quote by Peter Drucker “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” 


Innovation is such an integral part of our organisation we are working on it every day. In a design driven industry, innovation brings both the latest designs to the market but is also integral in getting them to market in the most cost effective and efficient manner to bring the best value-for-money to both commercial and residential projects.

We always believe there is a better way, so we challenge convention and work with industry partners and manufacturers to fine tune the smallest details and to make the process from design to completion as seamless as possible.

Time = Money. This principle is even more important in the retail and hospitality sector where every hour or day a store is closed there is a loss of earnings. We put particular focus on this when sourcing and developing new products to achieve the most authentic and unique designer timber floor and wall coverings that can be fitted out in the most efficient manner by contractors on site.


“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation” – Bob Iger


Collaborating with designers to develop bespoke solutions is often a catalyst for bringing new products to market. We are privileged to work with some of the leading architects and designers in the industry with some very unique timber floor and wall finishes that call for a creative approach and draws on our industry experience and expertise of our team.

“Never innovate to compete, innovate to change the rules of the game” David O. Adeife


We welcome these design challenges from specifiers and enjoy collaborating with all stakeholders to develop solutions that are both new and innovative and meet the budget requirements of the client. Our network of global partners means our team have access to a vast array of solutions that can be indent ordered and we are often working with them to come up with bespoke solutions if a standard line doesn’t meet the specifiers brief.

Innovation is part of our DNA and we would love to hear any ideas you have or products you have trouble sourcing and our team will come back with solutions for you, whether it be for a single project or an ongoing product we add to our collections. Give our team a call on 0800 119 388 or email info@vidaspace.co.nz 


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