VidaSpace Live© Series 3: In Depth Look at World-Class Veneers

In Depth Look at World-Class Veneers

Tuesday, April 21st  2020 at 10:00 am (NZT)
Webinar Duration: 45 Minutes
Platform: Zoom – Join from anywhere using your iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Presented By:
Maxime De Scheemaeker
Export Manager

Join us to learn about…

The key steps involved in making timber veneers. Learn about different veneer styles, lay-on techniques, the unique mix match technique and some amazing factory processes.

Amazing design finishes that can be achieved. Some world leading technologies creating finishes and textures that are truly unique and inspiring.

New possibilities with veneers that can be used in design. Pushing the boundaries of traditional thinking about veneers and learning the new possibilities, unique features and some recommended install tips.

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