The Story of Time

Bringing global expertise from Canada to NZ designers.

Thursday, June 11th  2020 at 10:00 am (NZT)
Webinar Duration: 30 Minutes
Platform: Zoom – Join from anywhere using your iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Presented By:
Shawn Peebles,
General Manager,
Northern Wide Plank

Join us to learn about…

History Reclaimed

Northern Wide Plank started in the early 2000’s with logging, sawmilling, practicing sustainable forestry and getting solid knowledge of timber. Inspired that they could take historical structures that would otherwise go to landfills and could preserve that history and bring inspiration to new built environments. 

The Craftsmanship of Giving Wood A Second Life

Originating from barns/buildings throughout Canada/USA dating back to as early as the 1800’s. These structures where the wood comes from are at a point of collapsing and becoming hazardous. Demolition processes involve each structure being carefully taken apart to preserve its usefulness and reuse as much of the structure as possible for flooring and wall products.

What is FSC Reclaimed?

The FSC Recycled label was introduced to recognize the important role that recycling paper and timber plays in protecting the world’s forests. Unlike general ‘recycled’ claims, which require no verification, the FSC Recycled label provides assurance that all the wood or paper in a product has been verified as genuinely recycled. Learn more about how Northern Wide Plank source their recycled timbers responsibly.

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