Thought about specifying reclaimed timber, but not sure it works with your design? We answer some of your questions here.


Reclaimed timber has become very popular for wall cladding – there’s no denying it is a trend, you can see examples of it across many hospitality and retail chains.

But it is more than just fashion and tastes involved, there are geniune benefits of using reclaimed timber.

Here’s some of the main advantages:



Getting value for money is always a priority for business owners. So, if you are exploring options for cladding any space, it makes sense that you will consider all the most durable options. You want finishes that can stand the test of time, and can endure heavy use (especially in retail areas). You need them to be easy to maintain and keep a consistency throughout its lifespan. Reclaimed timber is perfect for this.

As wood ages, it becomes stronger. Newer cuts of wood still need to dry out, and will expand and contract a lot due to changes in temperature and weather conditions. Therefore, it is a lot more likely to split than wood that has been cut for a century or more. Reclaimed wood has already been through these processes and is bone dry. This will help prevent it from warping, splitting, and will remain in the same state for many years to come. If you want longevity and durability, reclaimed timber is the solution.



It’s important for businesses to embrace environmental issues – it can help them stand out from the crowd. We all realise there are plenty of problems with deforestation, so the more we can do about it, the better. Using reclaimed timber bypasses the need for trees to be cut – it’s just like any other form of recycling.

The vast majority of reclaimed wood is sent to landfill. Only 10% is used again – you will be doing some good to the environment by helping raise that figure.

Many of our products meet FSC® recycled standards, meaning it geniunely responsibly sourced. You can trust that you are using a geniune article and not a re-creation, so you’re doing your bit to save the world one tree at a time.



Durability and sustainability are all well and good, but they aren’t the only factor in the growing trend of businesses using reclaimed wood. The simple truth is that old, aged timber looks fantastic. It has character and history, and with our broad selection of options you can achieve almost any look you want, so your space is really something people will remember!

Modern timber tends to be a lot narrower and uniform than older timber planks. So, you can create something stunning, unique and more appealing with reclaimed wood. All those knots, whorls and little kinks can produce incredible effects.


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