Pushing the boundaries of design, wide planks create a unique spacious feel to interior design work. Traditional and commonly used 90 and 140mm wide boards often create a ‘busy’ look and also come with a longer, more costly installation time.

Common to the VidaSpace range of wood products is a 190mm wide with some products available in up to 220mm wide and some of the reclaimed products with random widths up to a massive 229mm. Order free samples from our range today.

Open up you interior spaces with this design trend and achieve the lastest look and maximise the feel of the space. It is a very effective option to open up smaller spaces such as apartments, hallways and small cafes.

See the Outland ranges for reclaimed styles and Venture Plank and PurePlank for more contemporary styles. Innovative metal clips are also available with PurePlank products making for a very fast installation.

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