White Collar Factory, Workspace

Location /  London, United Kingdom

Architects /  Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Developer /  Derwent London

Photography /  Tim Soar

White Collar Factory at Old Street Yard is the built iteration of an eight-year research project led by AHMM with Derwent London. It comprises a complex of six buildings including offices, studios, incubator space, restaurants and apartments set around a new piece of public realm, with the sixteen-storey White Collar Factory tower at its heart. 

This major new office building features flexible floor plates, operable windows allowing for extensive natural ventilation, and generous volumes with active exposed concrete soffits and core. The mini-tower represents a new type of development that takes its cue from the multi-level factory typology. Together, the buildings create a new and more permeable piece of city that references the alleys and passageways of the historic urban grain.

Project courtesy of Havwoods International