Nørdus Collection

This collection embodies the Scandinavian lifestyle and nourishes us with cosiness and warmth. A Nørdus panel is composed of a top layer of real wood veneer, a core of 18mm MDF and a backing of real wood veneer. The top layer is always a jointed veneer sheet composed using a mixmatch technique. In this process, strips of veneer wood from various trees with varying slicing methods are randomly jointed into a full sheet. This way, the panel looks like solid wood character without any visual interruption.

Why Nørdus Veneer

Unfinished Surface

The unfinished surface gives you complete creative control on the final look. Whether you choose to oil, lacquer or stain your veneer, the choice is yours.

Matching Edge Banding

Matching edge bandings have been developed for each look in timber. This means that VidaSpace can provide the total solution, and each project can be finished in detail.

Moisture & Fire Resistant

Moisture and Fire resistant panels are available to order. Or purchase in a flex sheet and lay on a substrate of your choice

FSC Certified on Request 

All Nørdus timber veneer panels can be requested as FSC Certified.

Large Sheets

Standard sheet size is 2790mm x 1240mm to suit modern ceiling volumes and wall heights. 

Made in Europe. Stocked in New Zealand

Nørdus veneer is made in Europe and stocked in NZ. Available with 1-2 days lead time.

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FAQ’s About Nørdus Timber Veneer

What is the difference between a single sided panel and a double sided panel?

A double sided panel has an A grade veneer on both sides and can be used for furniture applications. A single sided panel has a backing in wood veneer of a lower grade which is significantly different in colour and texture than the top layer in A-grade. For example: a different jointing technique, limited presence of sapwood, not smoked compared to a smoked A-side. All single sided references with a top layer of 1.5mm have a backing in pine B-grade natural of 1.5mm. Therefore it is strongly advised to use single sided panels only for applications where the backing is not visible (wall and ceiling). For all other usage double sided boards are recommended (furniture applications).

What are the specifications for Nørdus Flex?

Nørdus is available as a flex. Flex is a jointed veneer sheet that is very easy to process. The veneer sheet os pressed on a paper substrate first after which the wood fibres are broken. This gives us a flexible sheet of veneer that can be processed both as a flat and curved surface. A Nørdus flex top layer always consists of a 0.6mm A-quality jointed sheet in accordance with the chosen design. The backing consists of a paper substrate in a colour tint close to the colour of the chosen reference. The top layer and backing are glued with a formaldehyde-free glue. Spring Larch and Winter Larch are brushed B1 and are 3000mm x 1220mm. For gluing the product to the substrate of your choice we strongly recommend to follow our instructions very closely. These can be found below in the downloadable guides section. 

What are the edge banding possibilities?

For each design, matching edge bands have been developed. This way, the edges of the Nørdus panels can be perfectly finished. In doing so, Nørdus offers a total solution allowing each project to lead to a successful end result. All edge bands are constructed of veneer wood with a strengthened membrane, not pre-glued and packed in rolls of 50 running meters per roll. VidaSpace stocks the 26mm high edge band with the 46mm available on special order These edge bands are slightly brushed to match the panels. The edgings are not FSC certified. 

Can I order/apply the finishing products myself?

Yes. You can contact your preferred finishing specialist directly to order your desired stains, lacquers or oils. VidaSpace will always deliver the Nørdus products unfinished and should be treated by the processor. We have illustrated a number of possible finishes in our VidaBook for which the Architects/designers chose from their preferred specialist. 

Are other cores or dimensions possible?

For projects, other dimensions and cores are possible on request and with possibly some restrictions. However, for such orders a longer leadtime must be taken into account. Please contact us for more information about this topic.

Is Nørdus FSC Certified?

The Nørdus products are not certified FSC when ordered without prior notice. On request, FSC is possible depending on availability of the wood. However, for such orders a longer leadtime must be taken into account. Please contact us for more information about this topic. 

Is Winter Larch smoked?

Yes, Winter Larch is heavily smoked. The process is a combination of ammoniac and heating techniques.

What are the bright spots in the Winter Larch Veneer?

The bright spots are natural resin which is present in the wood. These zones discolour less when processed, which can result in a bright spot. 

Can I order samples?

Yes, complimentary samples are available. For each design a loose hand sample can be obtained. Architects and Designers can also order a complete sample binder or larger samples. In addition, you can find a display in our Auckland or Wellington showrooms with large panels. 

I've done a project with Nørdus. Where can i post my pictures?

We are curious to see what you have created. Share your pictures on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram and use the hashtag #vidaspace. You can also email the pictures to info@vidaspace.co.nz

I have another question. How can i reach you?

The easiest way to contact us is through the website by filling in a contact form. Your question is automatically forwarded to the specialist responsible for your region. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone 0800 119 388

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